Gender Equity Initiative

What We Are

The Gender Equity Initiative is a collaboration of CCRI staff, faculty and students who are concerned about issues of gender and sexual orientation expression; equity and discrimination, especially for women in the workplace; and domestic violence and sexual assault awareness. The Gender Equity Initiative has an office on the Knight campus, room 1012, and we have a presence on all campuses through resources and volunteers.  The Gender Equity Initiative is new to CCRI, and was developed as a direct result of responses to a survey offered in the spring semester of 2015, in which nearly 1000 students participated. We specialize in campus awareness, student advocacy, programming and education, and training for campus leaders.

What We Are Not

While we are interested in issues of women in the workplace, we are not a career planning or placement service. While we have trained staff and volunteers, we are not primarily a counseling center, although we can offer specific resources and support, and can direct you to those who can most help. While we deal with serious issues, such as domestic violence and sexual assault, we are not a crisis center. We partner with departments across the CCRI community, and with organizations and resources around the state, to bring programming to our campuses and services to our students.

Who We Are

Nancy Forsstrom is the Program Coordinator for the Center, and she works to facilitate all the related activities at all four locations. She partners with members of the GEI Steering Committee who work as advocates around the college. In addition, we have student volunteers at each campus who are well-versed in the issues and have a passion for equity in their own lives. If you want to contact Nancy, for more information or to make an appointment, please email

Contact Us

Do you have a question? Do you want to help? Email us at or call 401-825-2024., or stop by Room 1012 on the Knight (Warwick) Campus during the following days and times:

  • Monday 8am - 5pm
  • Thursdays 8am - 5pm

Contact Information

Nancy Forsstrom Nancy Forsstrom
Program Coordinator
Gender Equity Initiative

Michael CunninghamMichael Cunningham
Dean of Students
Suite 0060


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