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Continuing Education

Spring 2017

Introduction to Dental Radiography

Practicing dental assistants will learn the basic principles and techniques of digital intraoral and panoramic radiography as they expose and evaluate radiographic images during laboratory sessions. This intensive two-week course educates dental assistants in the basic fundamentals of dental radiography. Successful course completion satisfies the Rhode Island Department of Health requirement for exposure of radiographs in the dental office setting.
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For specific questions regarding this course, contact Pamela Wood:

DHYG 2200: Local Anesthesia for the Registered Dental Hygienist

This course will provide a comprehensive study of local anesthetics utilized in the dental profession. During online prestudy, lecture, and lab components, the participant will learn to safely administer topical and local anesthetics. It is a 2 credit college course which is equivalent to 30 CEU’s. Click here to view the course brochure: DHYG 2200 Course Contact: Francine Luizzi-Bench:

Summer 2017

DHYG 2201: Nitrous Oxide for the Registered Dental Hygienist

This course has been designed to provide the register dental hygienist with didactic and clinical education to be eligible to take the CDCA Nitrous Oxide Examination and administer nitrous oxide (N2O/O2) in the state of Rhode Island and/or states meeting the requirement to administer Nitrous Oxide. The course will cover the history of nitrous oxide, neurophysiology of pain and pain control, patient assessment including medical and dental indications and contraindications, anatomy and physiology, pharmacology of nitrous oxide, emergency prevention and management, nitrous oxide armamentarium including safe assembly and handling of gas tanks, masks, tubing, scavenger and monitoring equipment, techniques, record keeping, and regulatory/legal issues.

Hybrid class Blackboard:

  • Online didactic component 15 hours
  • Clinical Component 5 Hours

Course Contact: Cynthia Johnson,

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