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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I get a job on campus? You may use the instructions located here to check the availability of positions. You must contact the supervisor and set up an interview. The supervisor will then complete all the appropriate paperwork to authorize a student for employment. All student employees must be processed for employment through the Career and Internship Office prior to starting work. No student should begin working prior to an official approval from their supervisor.
  2. What are the required forms for student employment? These forms are all available for download in the Quick links to the right or click here to go the the list of downloadable forms.
  3. What forms of identification are required? Please view the List of Acceptable Documents.
  4. Do international students have to have a social security number? Yes, International students must obtain a social security number before payroll will issue a paycheck.
  5. How many credits must I be registered for in order to qualify for student employment? Preference is shown to students who are registered for at least six credits, maintain continuous enrollment, and make satisfactory academic progress.
  6. How do I know if I am eligible for Federal Work Study or CCRI Student Help? Your supervisor should complete all required forms and send to the Career and Internship Office, Liston Campus (Providence) to determine your eligibility.
  7. Once the supervisor has completed my paperwork, what do I do with it? In order for the student to be paid, the department must first submit the all required documents to the Career and Internship Office, Liston Campus (Providence) for student employment consideration.  The Career and Internship Office will forward the paperwork to payroll.
  8. Can I drop off my student employment authorization? No, all authorization must be sent by your supervisor.
  9. Can I drop off my timesheet to the Payroll Office? No, you must record your time online.
  10. When does student employment for 2013/2014 begin? All student employment programs begins on July 1, 2013 and ends on May 3, 2014. No academic year Student Employment Authorization should have an ending date that extends past June 30, 2014.
  11. What happens when my Work-Study award has exhausted? Students may continue employment after exhausting their Work-Study amount provided financial aid has approved the student earnings through CCRI Student Help. A new authorization is required. These additional earnings will not jeopardize the student's current financial aid award; however, they may jeopardize benefits received by the Department of Human Services.
  12. How many hours can I work per week? Federal College Work Study students and CCRI Student Help students may only work a maximum of 15 hours per week.  For those students working during the summer and break periods, you may work up to but may not exceed 15 hours per week if funding is available.
  13. If I am on academic probation, can I apply for student employment? Yes, however, you will only be authorized to work for one semester. If your status has changed to Academically Ineligible after final grades, you will be ineligible to continue working.

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