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Application Form

The application form has been updated. Please note the addition of the signature of the department chairperson and the Honors project guidelines.

Instructions for Filling-out the Form

  • Name: We need your full name, not any nicknames
  • Student Identification Number: This is your 8-digit Banner ID assigned by the college (it starts with a 9). You can find it on your ID, your schedule, and MyCCRI. DO NOT LEAVE THIS BLANK!
  • Email Address: We will email all correspondence, so use an address you check often. PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY!
  • Faculty Advisor's Information: Their email address is necessary so we can contact them with approval information.
  • All Honors Project are in an existing course section (a course you are currently taking), include the 4-letter subject, number, section #, course title, and course reference number (CRN). The course reference number is 5 digits long and can be found in on your schedule or MyCCRI. For example, Introduction to Geology is GEOL-1010-150, CRN 11260. DO NOT LEAVE THE CRN BLANK!
  • Title for Project: This is the working title of what ever you want to name your project (with the approval of your advisor). The name may change as you complete the project.
  • Number of Honors Projects and Graduation Information: This is our check to see who will be an Honors Program Graduate.
  • Objectives and Activities: What do you plan on doing? What questions are you trying to answer or what topics are you discussing? How will you go about doing this? Make sure your objectives are clear and you and the faculty advisor agree, since this is an agreement between you and your faculty advisor.
  • Final Product: Will you be doing a poster presentation, oral presentation, written paper, art portfolio, etc...? Make sure you are clear and the length and scope is specified (e.g. 15 minute presentation or 20 page paper with at least 5 references). Also, be sure the length is appropriate, since this is a significant academic undertaking that should require at least 20 hours of work.
  • Honors Forum: We strongly recommend participation in the Honors Forum. We also recommend that participation is part of the requirements for the final product. However, by checking this box, you are not committing yourself to participate.
  • Assessment: You will receive two separate grades for your normal coursework and your Honors Project. How your final grade is determined and what will be assessed to determine your grade for your project is up to you and your advisor. Will they look at things such as quality of work, timeliness, attendance at meetings, etc.
  • Conference Schedule and Dates: Again, this is up to you and your advisor. Some advisors want to meet every week at a set time and some are fine with a couple times a semester. Typically, the beginning date is typically when you fill out the application form, and the end date is the last day of classes. We recommend having the end date before finals, so you do not need to worry about completing your project in addition to taking finals.
  • Signatures: We need the original signature of you, the faculty member, and the department chairperson. The department chairperson is the chair for the department in which your faculty advisor is located. Please allow at least one week for the department chairperson to sign the form. We cannot accept photocopies or faxes. DO NOT TURN IN THE FORM WITHOUT THE CHAIRPERSON'S SIGNATURE.
  • Our Recommendation: Make a copy of the form for you and your advisor before you turn it in.

(Please contact the Honors Coordinators with any additional questions)

Honors Project Guidelines

Each Honors project…

  • must be a significant academic undertaking (on the part of both the student and participating faculty member)
  • must comprise over 20 hours of work
  • is a supplementary project within a course that goes beyond the course requirements, relating the project to the curricula covered in the course
  • should be worked on throughout the semester
  • is a joint effort between professor and student
  • allows students to acquire new knowledge and skills
  • enables students and faculty to work together as "colleagues in learning" - a cooperative spirit that reawakens the fundamental purpose of the academy
  • assists students to become an integral part of a stimulating academic interchange

The specific requirements for each project are open so the projects can be creative displays of academic rigor. Examples of project formats include but are not restricted to research papers, PowerPoint presentations, poster presentations, displays of artwork, teaching lesson plans, computer programs, lab experiments and write-ups, evaluation of survey results, etc.

Download the Application Form

Below is the links to download the Honors Application Form as an Adobe PDF file. Unfortunately, electronic forms cannot be accepted because original signatures of the student, instructor, and chairperson are needed, so you will need to print out the form. Please note that the instructions and Honors project guidelines will also download with the application. If you do not want to print them, only print pages 1 and 2.

Application form in Adobe PDF* (25 KB)

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