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Deborah Notarianni-Girard, Ph.D - Chair
Knight Campus
Room 3180
Tel: 401-825-2254

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Professor/Website Content Manager/Advisor
Jean Potvin
Flanagan Campus

Cynthia G. McClintock
Knight Campus

Patricia Simanski
Tel: 401-6071
Liston Campus 

Catherine Sardinha
Tel: 401-851-1672
Newport Campus
Foreign Languages & Cultures

Foreign Language Cultures 

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Learn more about Foreign Languages at CCRI New: Do you qualify for Upper level Courses?  
If you are continuing the language you began in high school (having studied it for 2 or more years), or if you have studied the language in college for 1 year, you should enroll in the Intermediate level classes. (If you have studied beyond the Intermediate level, please discuss with Department Chair for advanced placement.) You will need an override slip to do so which is a simple step. Please contact Dr. Deborah Notarianni-Girard, Chair of the Foreign Language Department for the override slip. She can be reached by phone at (401) 825-2254 or by e-mail at (If you have completed the Elementary II language courses at CCRI, this qualifies you to continue on to the more advanced courses at the Intermediate Level.)

Dr. Notarianni-Girard Dr. Notarianni-Girard, Department Chair, advocates for foreign language education as one of 56 chosen to serve as a member of the sixth Rhode Island Language Summit, which is part of the "Roadmap to National Language Excellence" federal initiative. [Read more]

Learn more about Foreign Languages at CCRI   Interested in foreign languages? Explore our Foreign Language Concentration and begin with our Basic Spoken or Elementary language classes. For more information please contact Dr. Deborah Notarianni-Girard, Chair by telephone at (401) 825-2254 or at
[View available courses]

Foreign Language Concentration Foreign Language Concentration  - Students who enroll in the Liberal Arts Program may select an area of study in which to concentrate. Learn more about the Foreign Language Concentration: Foreign Language Concentration Brochure -PDF file*

Learn more about Foreign Languages at CCRI Mr. Alejandro Tobon shares his remarkable transformative experience as a *CCIS Study Abroad student in Costa Rica.
*College Consortium for International Studies 

Health Care Interpreter Certificate ProgramHealth Care Interpreter Certificate Program - PDF file* - The Health Care Interpreter certificate program is a two-semester program that prepares an assistant level practitioner for the health care community. [Learn more]

Nicole Former CCRI Student receives Gilman Scholarship to study in China - When RIC student Nicole Bush decided she wanted to spend some time away from Rhode Island, she wasn’t thinking about a trip to the Poconos. Bush, a RIC junior majoring in anthropology, will study in China during the spring semester after being awarded a $3,500 Gilman Scholarship. [Read more]

  Happiness and Compassion Happiness and Compassion Go Hand in Hand - The Importance of a Liberal Arts Education PDF file* - Why are the citizens of wealthy Singapore so unhappy? A recent Gallup poll of nearly 150,000 people around the world revealed that the residents of Singapore are the saddest population on the planet. [Learn more]

Learn more about Foreign Languages at CCRI Why learn another language? - A foreign language concentration provides students with the opportunity to learn skills that are applicable across a wide range of career fields. Learning a language helps students round out their skills and widens their possibilities in the global economy. [Read more]

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