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Knight Art Faculty/Staff Exhibit

Fall 2007

Mary Benton

Still Life #4, 2007 Gilcee print on canvas

Pam Young

4 Ceramic Bottles, Glazed ceramic

Nick Sevigney

Defensive Spouted Device, 2004, Black clay overfired to cone 6, blown glass, motor oil, shards, iron wash

Maureen Kelman

Penumbra, 2007, Mokume shibori, dyed and shaped, silk organza, bamboo

Nancy Wyllie

Tattoo, 2007, Giclee print on velvet fine art paper, Sardines, 2007, Giclee print on velvet fine art paper

Sharon Pollock

Teapot set with 2 Cups, Stoneware

James Montford

Untitled, Inkjet print

James Montford

My Son, graphite on paper

Rebecca Clark

Faceless Madonna, 2007, Archival pigment, Inkjet print


The Angle of Repose, Oil on wood panel

Richard Schwartz

Pick Flowers, Glazed ceramic

Susan Fossati

Journey, 2007, oil, encaustic, on Masonite

Trish Hurley

Burnt into Memory, 2007, Oil on canvas

Mike Bryce

Katherine Sleeping, 2007, Oil on canvas

Keith Fox

Bottle, Teapot, and Pear, 2007, Acrylic on canvas

Zoey Stites

Untitled, Giclee print on gatorboard

Thomas Morrissey

Ladder Series (number unknown), Acrylic on canvas

Thomas Morrissey

Untitled-from-Ladder Series, Acrylic on canvas

Mark Zellers

Untitled, Glazed ceramic

Eileen Namaka

Composition for Tak, Acrylic on canvas

Gary Barten

Triangulation 2007, Mixed media "Everyone wants to understand art. Why not try to understand the song of a bird?Pablo Picasso



Blue Wade


9316206472011, 207, Digital print

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