Learning Spaces Committee Mission Statement

"Learning spaces" refer to all environments where learning occurs. The Learning Spaces Committee will work toward enhancing the appearance, the comfort, and the utility of all campus spaces that are related to learning. This includes spaces in which learning takes place now, such as classrooms and laboratories, as well as spaces into which learning might be extended, such as lounge areas and hallways, or even spaces that support learning such as the CCRI Library study areas, campus cafeterias and so on.

The committee will consider all aspects of learning spaces, including lighting, furniture and carpeting, room layout, technology and multimedia needs, and more, but always with the goal of optimizing the space for learning.

"Fix It" Form will be replaced by CCRI Work Order Form 

If there is an issue or concern with a classroom space at any of the CCRI campuses, please complete and submit the CCRI Work Order Form found in the left navigation column.

Contact Information

Committee Co-Chairs

K. Johnson
Tel: 401-825-2058 

Peter Bardsley
Website Content Manager

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