Information Technology Support Specialist Concentration (CMSD) – Community College of Rhode Island

Information Technology Support Specialist Concentration (CMSD)

Associate in Science Degree in Computer Studies and Information Processing (AS_COMI)

No Longer accepting new students.

Knight Campus, Warwick only

This concentration prepares students for careers in information technology.

Note: Students in this program must earn a grade of at least C in all computer course requirements and must maintain a 2.0 GPA. Many courses require prerequisites, corequisites and/or testing. See course descriptions for details.


Total General Education Requirements Credits 21

Major Requirements
COMI 1100 Introduction to Computers   3
COMI 1150 Programming Concepts   3
COMI 1415 Personal Computer Operating System   1
COMI 1420 Introduction to Spreadsheets   1
COMI 1430 Introduction to Database Software   1
COMI 1450 WINDOWS Operating System   3
COMI 1461 Introduction to UNIX   1
COMI 1751 Introduction to HTML   1
COMI 2015 Introduction to Microsoft Project   1
COMI 1800
OR COMI 1840
Computer Networking Software OR Microsoft Windows Server   3
COMI 2031 Computer Support: Concepts   3
COMI 2033 Computer Support: Tools and Techniques   3
COMI 2036 Introduction to Computer Ethics   3
COMI 2055 Introduction to Virtual Computing   1
COMP 1230 Systems Analysis and Design Take in final semester or with permission of instructor 4
Electives   Take seven credits from COMI, COMP, CNVT OR take one course from ACCT, BUSN, LAWS and the remaining credits from COMI, COMP, CNVT. 7

Total Major Requirements Credits 39

Total Program Credits 60

Suggested electives for Desktop Security emphasis
COMI 2020, 2035, 2037 OR take any COMI/COMP/CNVT to total seven elective credits.

Suggested electives for Networking emphasis
COMI 1800, 1840, 2020

Suggested electives for Data Analysis and Reporting emphasis
COMI 1225, 1260

Last Updated: 9/23/19