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Women In Tech

Learn the foundational skills needed for high-wage, entry-level employment in data analytics or software development. CCRI is offering two free 9-month credit bearing programs for Rhode Island women who seek to enter into either of these careers. Eligible students receive up to a $5,000 student support scholarship. Employment placement assistance is provided.

Time Commitment: 9 months, equivalant of 6 classroom hours per week plus course assignments, all live virtual classes will take place after traditional work hours. The majority of courses will be in a hybrid format with both synchronous and asynchronous sessions.

Program Dates: January 2020 - September 2021

Data Analytics Certificate

The Certificate in Data Analytics introduces the concepts, techniques, ideas, skills, theories, methods and practices necessary for entry in the fields of Data Analytics or Data Science. Statistical, data, and visualization tools will provide participants with the background necessary to thrive in the field of Data Analytics. Learning outcomes include:

  • Perform statistical analysis of data to provide the basis for decision making
  • Utilize data analysis tools for the analysis of data sets
  • Construct computer programs to access and manipulate data files and databases
  • Develop visualizations of data to communicate the results of statistical analysis
  • Analyze real-world problems based on data analysis techniques
  • Demonstrate the ability to manage a project from the design stage to the final report 

Software Developer Certificate

The Certificate in Software Development provides required skills and training for an entry-level career in software development. Through this certificate, students acquire knowledge in computer programming language (introductory and advanced level), foundational mathematics for computer science, and software development. Students will use an appropriate software development methodology in the completion of a group project. Learning outcomes include:

  • Apply software development principles and practices to real-world solutions
  • Develop software applications using structured programming techniques in two software languages (Python and Java)
  • Create effective, efficient, and secure software, reflecting standard principles of software engineering and software assurance
  • Design, implement, and evaluate software solutions to novel computation problems
  • Verify program correctness through the development of sound testing plans and the implementation of comprehensive test cases
  • Implement project management knowledge to manage medium-sized development
    projects and work as a collaborative team member to produce and execute software applications that meet specific outcomes, including design documentation and evidence of testing
  • Work as a professional maintaining high standards of practice, making ethical/legal judgments and decisions

*All participants will need to have access to a computer, webcam, and internet – equipment will not be provided.

If interested in applying for future cohorts, please complete our Program Inquiry Form



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Career Services

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Employer Solutions

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