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Success Centers Mission Statement

The mission of the Student Success Centers is to provide academic support, skill development, and transitional programming by helping students prepare for academic challenges, improve their skills and grades, and achieve their academic goals while enrolled at the Community College of Rhode Island.

Ethical Expectations

The student, professional and paraprofessional staff of the Student Success Centers shall conduct themselves at the highest levels of ethical conduct at all times, maintaining the confidentiality of students' academic abilities and performance as well as upholding the academic integrity of the institution in every interaction with students and faculty.

At no time will a tutor or staff member share information about a student client with anyone other than their direct supervisor. Staff members entrusted with academic information pertinent to a classroom assessment by the faculty must never disclose information or provide assistance that would compromise the integrity of a student's work or a faculty member's expectations. While providing academic support, a student's work must be his or her own, not that of the tutor or specialist.

Violations of these standards can result in loss of employment, referral to appropriate college disciplinary bodies, or referral to the academic dishonesty process.

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