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Peer Tutoring FAQs

What is Peer Tutoring?

The objective of the Peer Tutor Program is to provide tutors in subject areas where there is a need. There is no charge to receive tutoring. Peer Tutors assist students in academic achievement by meeting students on a weekly basis to clarify learning problems and model good study skill habits. Appointment based tutoring is offered in a small-group format. Please note that the appointments listed on Tutor Trac are weekly appointments - we expect to see you each week at the same day and time for the remainder of the semester.

If you don't require a weekly appointment, the Student Success Center offers Drop-In tutoring for several high demand courses. Drop-in tutoring schedules change each semester. Please contact the campus coordinator for the semester schedule.

Who is my Peer Tutor?

Peer tutors are students who have been recommended by department faculty to tutor a specific subject. Tutoring supplements students' learning in the classroom. Peer Tutors are not a substitute for your instructor or for attending class. Students should approach tutoring as an opportunity to ask questions, have work reviewed and work with peers to attain mastery of course content.

How Do I Get a Tutoring Appointment?

Students seeking a weekly tutoring appointment may schedule an appointment online. Log onto TutorTrac using your CCRI username and password. Follow the directions listed on the welcome page and don't forget to "Opt In" for the Text Message reminder service.

If no appointments are listed after you search for your course, there may be no Peer Tutor available for that course. Please contact our office in the event there is no tutor available, as you may wish to participate in study strategy workshops or discuss your options with the Campus Coordinator.