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What is REACH?


REACH is a grant program funded by (the Department of Human Services) that has provided academic and career services to RI Works Participants (formally FIP) since its inception in 1993.

Participants must be referred to the REACH Program by their RI Works Social Case Worker in order to be eligible for services.

REACH strives to work with each participant to create an academic plan that suites their own individual needs and goals, and that simultaneously adheres to the Department of Human Services policies and procedures.

REACH Coordinators are aware and sensitive to the many roles our participants play in their own lives (i.e. parent, student, employee, etc.), which can divert them from achieving their goals. Coordinators are available to provide a confidential setting to participants seeking the opportunity to discuss everyday life and personal hardships. Our coordinators' goals are to help participant's improve their overall quality of life and obtain self-sufficiency.

REACH supports the vision and mission of the Department of Human Services by providing academic and career services to RIW participant as they move toward self-sufficiency through education.