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General Education - Social Science

Courses within the social sciences are concerned with the study of people and their behavior, both individually and as a member of groups, nations, cultures, and societies.

The following is a list of courses that satisfy the CCRI General Education Social Science requirement, and transfer to both RIC and URI as General Education Courses.

Social Science
CCRI Course URI Course RIC Course
HIST 1010 Survey of Western Civilization I HIS 112 History of Medieval Europe (A2) (C2) HIST 175 General Education History (H)
HIST 1020 Survey of Western Civilization II HIS 114 History of Western Civilization Since 1789 (A3) (B1) HIST 175 General Education History (H)
HIST 2250 History of Black America HIS 150 Introduction to Afro-American History (A3) (C3) AFRI 200 Introduction to Africana Studies (SB)
POLS 1010 American National Government PSC 113 Introduction to American Politics (A2) (C1) POL 202 American Government (SB)
POLS 2010 International Relations PSC 116G Introduction to International Politics (A2) (C2) POL 203 Global Politics (SB)
PSYC 1070 Psychology of Women GWS 150 Introduction to Gender and Women’s Studies (A2) (B4) GEND 200 Gender and Society (SB)
PSYC 2010 General Psychology PSY 113 General Psychology (A2) PSYC 110 Introduction to Psychology (SB)
SOCS 1010 General Sociology SOC 100 General Sociology (A2) SOC 200 Society and Social Behavior (SB)
SOCS 2020 Marriage and Family SOC 212 Families in Society (A2) SOC 202 The Family (SB)
SOCS 2110 Introduction to Anthropology APG 203 Cultural Anthropology (A2) ANTH 101 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (SB)
SOCS 2300 Criminology SOC 230 Crime and Delinquency (A2) SOC 207 Crime and Criminal Justice (SB)