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Coaching 4 Success

CCRI has launched an exciting new initiative, Coaching for Success!

Participants in this program are matched with a coach who is a member of the college’s leadership team: the Deans, Assistant Deans, and even President Hughes are members of the coaching roster.

Your success coach will: 

  • Communicate with you bi-weekly through email 
  • Support you with academic goal setting 
  • Advise you through challenging situations in and outside the classroom 
  • Connect you will additional college resources 

In addition to being matched with an amazing coach, you will be invited to a monthly virtual workshop. These workshops are designed to help you cultivate a growth mindset and maximize college and career success. They will help you expand your network by also allowing you to get to know other students in the program and they include guest speakers from the CCRI and surrounding comminutes.

Think you might benefit from Coaching 4 Success? Fill out this short survey and we will match you with one of our great coaches as soon as we can!

If you have any questions or would like more information, you can also email us at [email protected]