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Food Pantry Request Form

Food Pantry Items are for all CCRI registered students (only).You must be currently enrolled and attending classes during the semester you are requesting for.  Student ID is required at the time of pick up. 

Please Note: After submitting the food request form, you will receive an email with a follow-up scheduled appointment time to pick up your items.  Failure to respond whether you can make or need to change the scheduled appointment time will result in not filling your request. You will have until the end of the day to reply to the email. 


*Flanagan on Tuesdays (12pm-1:30pm)
*Warwick on Wednesdays (10:30am-11:30am)
* Providence on Thursdays (12pm-1:30pm)
* Newport (Not Avaiilable) Choose from another campus


Pick-up Locations:

Flanagan Campus, "New Location", Entrance/Door- A 
Warwick Campus, Drop-off area/Front of visitor's entrance
Providence Campus, Entrance A
Newport Campus (Not Available) Choose from another campus

Please remain inside your vehicle, (curb-side pick up only) if on foot, wait outside of the entrance and staff will bring your items to you. Please limit the # of people you bring, and follow the states' COVID 19 Safety Guidelines while in public; face mask, 6-feet distance, etc. "No close contact with the staff"

List number of adults in the household
List each child's age from 1-5
List each child's age from 6-17
List total number of people in the household
submit date form was submitted

Please choose from this food pantry items list and enter in the text box below.