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What students are saying about online learning

As a full-time student who also works a full-time job, it often seems that there is not enough time to meet the demands of college courses. Distance Learning at CCRI offered not only a convenient alternative for my busy life, but was also challenging and rewarding. I recommend Distance Learning to many of my classmates, and I am enrolled in another on-line course for the fall semester.

~John Reddington

I enjoyed taking Medical Terminology online course this summer. The ability to have it online is great because you can work at your own convenience and you can work and learn the information at your own personal speed. One great aspect about this particular course is the lesson reviews and quizzes. They really help you in learning the information thoroughly. I feel very confident with the information that I learned in this course.

~Rachel Stinson

Nothing is easier than taking a WebCt course. You can get assignments on line, follow the course schedule, yet work around your own schedule., while meeting deadlines given. You can also take tests on line, as well as interact with classmates and teachers. Working towards a degree has never become easier. I have taken two and will continue to take more. Great for workers, students, and stay-at-home mom's. It's great for anyone!

~Maria A. Piccirillo

Just a brief note to say “thanks” to CCRI. I had a very positive experience in the WebCT class I recently completed. I work full time as a health care administrator, and I appreciated the convenience of being able to work both at home and at work. It took me a couple of calls and some practice to navigate the CCRI website before I was comfortable. The technical staff and professor were very helpful and patient, while I was getting used to the assignment page, quizzes, and etc. but I did just fine. I especially enjoyed the on-line quizzes with instant results.

I was able to do well in the course; I thoroughly enjoyed the reading assignments, easy access to additional information, but most importantly, I enjoyed being able to do things at my pace. The professor was always an e-mail away and quick to respond to my questions. CCRI has set up a well-designed program for those of us who would have difficulty always attending evening or day classes. I intend to make continued use of this method of learning as I continue toward my degree. Thank you again for all your help and thanks to CCRI for the programs that make continued learning both effective and user-friendly.

~D. W. Kirchner

I love distance learning. I have taken both television and web classes, and they have both worked out perfectly. I work full time and I have children and that makes it difficult for me to attend classes on campus. The television courses broadcast early mornings before my children are even awake and that's perfect for me. The web classes are especially great since they can be accessed from any computer that has internet capabilities. So I can even go on vacation if I'd like and still complete my assignments.

~Eugena Kimbrough

Learning without the driving and parking hassles has been a big advantage. I am so ecstatic about the distant learning program because it gives me an opportunity to fulfill my college requirements as well as being active-duty military. Not having to drive across town is great. I recommend this type of college course to anyone who works and has a family.

~Alyssa N. Batista

Four years ago, I started back to college at the age of 40. The web courses became a wonderful way to learn. The people you meet are extraordinary. The professors are so helpful and patient. You have the convenience of logging on 24 hours a day, any time you like that fits your schedule, and you can work at your own pace pretty much. If I could have taken all my classes online to fulfill my degree I most definitely would have.

~Lisa Botelho

I've been juggling a full time work schedule with a school schedule for about a year now. A distance class afforded me valuable freedom in studying and doing my work on my time...With the distance format and the flexibility of time, a lot of the pressure is gone that you might find in a traditional class; I find I am much more able to enjoy my assignments and reading. It's been a nice return to the satisfaction of learning.

~Andrea LaFazia

Note: All student testimonials reproduced with permission.