Emeritus Status

for CCRI Retired Administrators

The Community College of Rhode Island grants emeritus status to retired CCRI administrators and staff who meet the qualifications agreed upon by the CCRI Retirees Organization and the President’s Council. Conference of emeritus status ensures a continued relationship between retired administrators and staff, and the College also recognizes their years of service to CCRI. Emeritus Honorees benefit from selected privileges concurrent with the honor, and in return, understand their ongoing responsibility to support the College in appropriate and reasonable ways.

Qualified retired personnel must have:

  • Completed a minimum of fifteen years of service at the Community College of Rhode Island
  • Made a significant contribution to the College beyond their contractual obligation
  • Be a grade 15 or higher in a non-classified position

Emeritus administrators and staff privileges include:

  • Use of the Vice President, Dean, Director, and Administrator Emeritus
  • Use of the Library services
  • Use of athletic facilities
  • Receipt of news items from the College
  • Participation in commencement
  • Keep email address

Qualified retired administration and staff must submit their application and supporting documentation to the CCRI Retirees Organization for review by the Emeritus Review Committee, which meets in June and in December. Recommended applications will be forwarded to the President for review by the President’s Council and then returned to the Review Committee which will inform the applicant of the Council’s decision.

Emeritus individuals will be encouraged to provide support to the College through:

  • Student mentoring
  • Fundraising
  • Consulting
  • Guest lecturing
  • Serving on advisory boards
  • Planning events
  • General help for administrative staff
  • Financial support to the CCRI Foundation
  • Other non-paid activities as appropriate

Last Updated: 9/19/17