My CCRI Stories III

  • Orabone

    Joanne Orabone, M.A.

    Associate Professor 
    Business Administration
    CCRI instructor for 16 years

    If you count the years she was a part-time instructor at CCRI, Professor Orabone has been at the College for 31 years! "We try to make learning come to life. The whole department has extensive experience in the work world, and we bring that to the classroom. We try to relate the teaching to something they will see right now, and also show them how they are going to see it in the future." 

  • Every

    John "Jack" Every, Ph.D.

    Social Sciences - History
    CCRI instructor for 17 years

    Dr. Every is an alumnus of CCRI, who went on to earn his doctorate at Boston College. He encourages his students to study history and social sciences by saying, "When you deal with topics like history, you work on your writing skills, communication skills, and critical thinking skills. These are skills that translate to really any kind of work. Social sciences play a key role in preparing worldly employees for jobs."

  • Jacobs

    Joanne Jacobs, MA RRT, AE-C

    CCRI instructor for 33 years

    CCRI will miss the patient commitment of Professor Jacobs, who is retiring this year. Her appreciation for her respiratory therapy students is tremendous when she says, "I admire the level of dedication that my diverse students show; they are tenacious!"

Last Updated: 9/19/17