My CCRI Stories I

Gifts to CCRI’s annual fund provide vital support for scholarships, innovative programs and key college initiatives. Students receive timely financial assistance for tuition and books, transportation, leadership enrichment, unforeseen needs and access to continue their education at four-year institutions.

  • Mileiry De La Cruz

    Mileiry De La Cruz

    General Studies
    Class of 2018

    Mileiry encourages other students and potential students in her role as a Student Ambassador, saying, “Attending CCRI will give you a chance to explore your options, save some money, and offer you the chance to work towards a positive future.” She further goes on to enthuse, “If you’re here, you’re ready to change your life!”

  • Franklin Morillo Montas

    Franklin Morillo Montas

    Computer & Networking Technology
    Class of 2017

    Franklin enrolled at CCRI to take advantage of the English as a second language (ESL) program, but he quickly found his place in the Engineering & Technology department. Franklin is now poised to graduate with a full-time job offer pending, and a bright future in hand. “As I look back at my education here, I realize that my professors are more than just teachers, they are friends.”

  • Elizabeth A. Arendt

    Elizabeth A. Arendt, Ph.D.

    Chemistry Department Chair
    CCRI instructor for 22 years

    Dr. Arendt fell in love with teaching over 20 years ago, and she has never looked back, “I tell my students to give themselves credit for what they are accomplishing – they are incredible.”

  • Kalyn Krazukiewicz

    Kalyn Razukiewicz

    Class of 2017

    Despite her extremely busy schedule as a young mother, Kalyn vowed to succeed in her pursuit of a nursing degree, tackling the demanding curriculum with vigor. She enthuses, “The College is so accommodating to my busy schedule, and I’m excited to be preparing for a job that really makes a difference.”

  • Giselle Pena

    Giselle Pena

    Class of 2018

    Giselle knew that she was good with numbers, but it wasn't until she arrived at CCRI that she learned the value of accounting. Giselle's professors have helped explain the strategies that drive accounting; “CCRI professors always gave me the support and tools I needed to succeed. If you need help with anything you just ask a professor and they are there for you. They are always very understanding and willing to help.”

Last Updated: 9/19/17