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High School/CCRI Partnership Program

The High School/CCRI Partnership Program offers high school students the opportunity to earn college course credits while in high school. Through this program, students enrolled in selective high school courses that meet CCRI curriculum requirements obtain college credits upon successful completion of the high school course, high school graduation and enrollment at CCRI.

Many high hs/ccri partnerschools in Rhode Island participate in the High School/CCRI Partnership Program. A variety of academic and technical courses have been approved for articulated credit. The college credits earned by high school students who successfully complete articulated courses are applicable to CCRI associate degree and certificate programs. At CCRI, the student’s articulated course credit is posted on the college transcript as credit only; no grade is recorded. There is no cost to the student for posting credit upon application to CCRI.

By earning college credits in high school through the High School/CCRI Partnership Program, students and their parents benefit by saving both time and money.

Articulated Credit Form