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"Finish Now" Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who can participate in the “Finish Now” program at CCRI?
    • Students who meet the following criteria are eligible to meet with advisers to discuss program completion:
      • Students who have not attended CCRI in four years or less and
      • Students who have 18 credits or less left to complete the General Studies program or their chosen programs.
  2. Can I participate in this initiative if I plan to change my major?
    • Yes, students will have the opportunity to meet with academic advisers to review programs and discuss transfer possibilities in relation to new programs. Changing your major might require more coursework to reach your academic goals.
  3. Can I transfer credits from another institution to CCRI?
    • You may transfer up to 75 percent of the credits required for most certificate and degree programs. Academic advisers and the associate director of Records/Transfer can answer specific transfer questions that you may have. For more information, please visit or
  4. Is there a deadline to complete course work for my program?
    • No, there is no deadline for degree completion. CCRI has daytime, evening and weekend classes available to help students fit school into their busy lives. For utmost flexibility, the college offers classes at its four main campuses and two satellite locations, in addition to classes via distance learning.
  5. Is this initiative still an option for me if I’ve moved to another state?
    • Yes. CCRI has a regional tuition rate for degree students who live in other New England states. You also could have transfer credits from other colleges or universities that might apply to your chosen major at CCRI. The college also offers distance learning courses to help you complete some degree or certificate requirements from home.
  6. If I participate in the “Finish Now” program, will someone assist me with questions or concerns as I work toward completing my CCRI degree or certificate?
    • Yes, academic advisers and staff from the Admissions, Financial Aid and Connect to College offices will be available to guide you through the process of applying and enrolling in the courses you need to complete your program. For more information, please visit
  7. How will I pay for tuition expenses?
    • Financial aid is available to those who apply and are qualified. The college also has a payment plan; information is available at
  8. Am I eligible for credit for prior learning?
    • You must be accepted into a program and be registered for courses at CCRI to be eligible for credits earned through department challenge exams, corporate-sponsored learning, military training and experiences, and prior learning assessment petitions. Please see for more information.
  9. Do you offer the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) or the Dantes Subject Standardized Tests (DSST)?
    • The College Level Examination Program (CLEP), sponsored by the College Board, is offered at CCRI and offers you the opportunity to obtain college credit by examination. For more information, please see The DSST exams are offered at CCRI’s Knight Campus Testing Center. The DSST program provides the opportunity for people to earn college credit for what they have learned outside of the traditional classroom. Please see for more information.
  10. Do you offer veterans education assistance?
    • Veteran Services Offices are located on each of the four CCRI campuses. They provide assistance for student veterans and dependents in navigating the process of applying for VA educational benefits. For more information, please see