A. Public areas

CCRI's sign policy addresses temporary signs and displays within public areas inside campus buildings.

  1. Signs and displays may be posted only on designated bulletin boards. Authorized staff members on each campus first must approve and stamp all signs and displays (see Section C), except where otherwise noted within this policy.
  2. The attachment of signs or similar displays to any interior space not specifically permitted for such use is prohibited. This will prevent damage to public property and unnecessary cleanup or replacement costs, and will help to prevent potential health and safety hazards.

    Signs or similar displays may not be attached to:
    • glass/windows (except when required by law and/or with special permission for critical information, i.e. college closing; also see Section B.)
    • walls (painted, concrete or otherwise)
    • doors (except with special permission for critical information, i.e. college closing)
    • stairways
    • stairwells
    • railings
    • steps
    • columns or pillars
    • stainless steel surfaces
    • elevators (both inside and out)
    • permanent campus signs
    • furniture
    • trash or recycling receptacles
    • light fixtures
    • ceilings
    • floors
  3. The unauthorized painting or defacing of any interior college-maintained surface or structure is prohibited.
  4. Signs and similar displays shall not be installed so as to block the visibility of any existing sign or display. Posting over other materials is not allowed.
  5. Signs and similar displays inside campus buildings shall not be larger than 20 inches by 30 inches.
  6. No sign or similar display shall be installed in such a way as to constitute a health or safety hazard or that is in violation of the fire safety code.
  7. One sign per event will be permitted per bulletin board. Multiple postings in one location are both wasteful and inconsiderate of other organizations.
  8. The total allowable number of signs posted for any event is limited only by the total number of bulletin boards on a campus, except for the community bulletin board (see Section E).
  9. All signs except student signs should adhere to the college's graphic standards. Graphic standards specify the use of a swoop, the correct college logo and fonts that help to create a unified family look. CCRI's graphic standards are available on the college website at www.ccri.edu/marketing/graphicstandards for the college community to use.
  10. Signs, except student signs, that do not adhere to the college's graphic standards may be subject to immediate removal.
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