JAA Overview

An introduction to the JAA program.

What is the Joint Admissions Agreement Program (JAA)?

  • JAA is a program that allows CCRI students to be conditionally accepted to RIC or URI while attending CCRI.
  • Students in the JAA Program follow a JAA Transition Plan which lists the courses you will take at CCRI that will transfer and be applied toward a bachelor’s degree in a specific major at RIC or URI.

What are the benefits of JAA?

  • Earn 60 credits at CCRI that apply to the specific major you choose at RIC or URI.
  • Receive advising from CCRI and RIC or URI advisors.
  • Register for courses with other RIC or URI students with 60 credits.
  • Potential tuition discounts are available at RIC or URI for JAA students who have at least a 3.0 GPA.
  • The application fee for RIC or URI is waived.

Am I eligible to sign up for JAA?

  • You must be enrolled and attending CCRI.
  • The JAA application must be signed before you earn 30 credits (including college credits earned in high school from dual enrollment or enrichment courses, AP, IB, from CLEP or military training).
  • JAA is a program for first-time college students.
  • You have decided the major you want to study and there is a Transition Plan for that major.
  • Visit RI Transfers at www.ribghe.org/ritransfers.htm and click on JAA Transition Plans for a current list of majors at each school.
  • You plan to transfer to RIC or URI.
  • You declare General Studies as your major at CCRI.

How do I sign up for JAA?

  • Once you have enrolled at CCRI, make an appointment at the Department of Advising and Counseling to discuss your transfer plans with an advisor.
  • Complete and sign the application.
  • Request a copy of your JAA Transition Plan, the JAA Student Guide and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).
  • Get a RI Transfers bookmark with the Web address for JAA information online.
  • If General Studies is not your major, you must officially change into General Studies when you apply for JAA.

What are the requirements to stay eligible and transition through JAA?

  • JAA students must consult a CCRI advisor and a RIC or URI JAA advisor about course selection each semester.
  • Complete a JAA Transition Plan.
  • Complete all institutional requirements at CCRI and at RIC or URI.
  • Complete the requirements for the General Studies associates degree and JAA Transition Plan at CCRI within five years.
  • Graduate from CCRI with a 2.4 GPA or higher.
  • Send the Intent to Enroll form, an official CCRI transcript and an enrollment deposit to RIC or URI by the deadline on the form.

What is the JAA tuition reduction?

  • This is a reduction on undergraduate tuition that is based on your grade point average according to the following scale.
    GPA Tuition Reduction
    3.0 - 3.24 10%
    3.25 - 3.49 20%
    3.5 or above 30%

How do I qualify for the JAA tuition reduction?

  • The discount is only available to students who have met all JAA requirements.
  • Students must graduate from CCRI with a 3.0 GPA or higher to receive a tuition discount for their first year at RIC or URI.
  • Students who earn and maintain at least a 3.0 GPA or higher at RIC or URI can renew this tuition reduction for a second or third year.

Where can I get more information about JAA?

  • Visit the RI Transfers website and view Joint Admissions Agreement.
  • General questions about JAA can be directed to the CCRI JAA program at jaa@ccri.edu or by calling 401-825-1233.
  • Make an appointment or walk in to discuss JAA and transfer options with an academic advisor in the Advising and Counseling Center on your campus.

    To schedule an appointment, call:
    Campus Phone No.
    Knight (Warwick) 401- 825-2301
    Flanagan (Lincoln) 401-333-7160
    Liston (Providence) 401-455-6063
    Newport County 401-851-1625
  • Contact the RIC JAA advisor by e-mail at jaa@ric.edu or by phone at 401-456-8083.
  • Contact the URI JAA advisor by e-mail at jaa@etal.uri.edu or by phone at 401-874-4972.

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Last Updated: 10/18/17