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How to embed a video on a CCRI webpage

Please Note:

You must be a trained, authorized CCRI Web Content Manager to be able to follow this tutorial. To become a content manager for your department or CCRI organization, submit a request to Become a Content Manager in our Help Desk Portal.

  1. Open a new tab in your browser and go to your video on YouTube.

  2. Click on the video you want to embed.

    choose video
  3. Follow these steps to get the code:
    1. Click Share
    2. Click Embed
    3. Copy the code

      Click share

      Click embed

      Copy code
  4. Open a text editor, such as Notepad and paste the embed code into it. Put this to the side where you can access it easily. In a later step of this tutorial (Step 12), you will need the width, height and video URL to paste into your Insert/Edit Embedded Media window in Omni Update's OU Campus content management system.

    paste into a text editor
  5. Navigate to the page or site where the video will be embedded, and login to OUCampus using the link within the "Last Updated: {date}" in the footer.

    last updated date link
  6. Click on the "main content" button.

    click edit main content button
  7. Place the cursor where you want the video to be inserted.

    insert cursor at beginning of paragraph
  8. Click on the "Snippets" button.

    Click on Snippets button
  9. From the (All Categories) drop-down, choose "Video embeds".

    choose video embeds
  10. From Video embeds, choose "video-responsive", then click "Insert".

    choose video responsive
  11. Click on the grey video placeholder to select it (it will turn blue when selected), then click on the "Insert/Edit Embedded Media" button in the toolbar.

    embed media button
  12. When the "Insert/Edit Embedded Media" dialog box appears, go to the Notepad file (Step 4) with the embed code in it, copy & paste your video's URL in the "Source" field. Make sure the dimensions are in agreement with the Notepad file, then click "OK".

    insert video URL
  13. Click on the "Save and exit" icon.

    click "save and exit"
  14. Now you should see your video on the page.

    your video
  15. Click the large "Publish" button above the preview pane.

    Information Technology
  16. After publishing is successful, use the "View in a new window" link that appears at the bottom of the page to open the published page and check the video to make sure it's working. Also view the page on a phone to be sure the video is working and displaying properly on a small screen. Check out this handy app for Chrome which allows you to view your pages in a variety of mobile devices. Go to Emmet Re:View.

    Open in new tab
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