How to print using PrinterOn Campus Printing Services

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  1. Open a Browser and go to
  2. Select the "PRINT" button
  3. Enter your network login credentials (Account username/password) and click "LOG IN"
  4. Select "EquitracPrinter"
    Step 1
  5. Select a file
    1. Browse to the file location OR paste the URL
    2. Set the number of copies and/or page range
    3. Click "CONTINUE"
    Step 2
  6. Choose paper size and finishing options then click "CONTINUE"
    Step 3
  7. Submit Job To Printer.

  8. After submission, at the bottom left side of the window, you have the option to print another document to the same printer or choose a different printer.

  9. Retrieve your submitted print job at Page Counter device at printer or copier with Student/Staff ID number or with ID Card swipe.

Last Updated: 4/9/20