FrontPage site migration

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Part I: Publishing a FrontPage site to a flash drive

  1. Open Expression Web 4
  2. Click on the folder icon drop-down arrow and select "Open site..."
    folder icon drop-down arrow
  3. In the "Open Site" dialog, type: user name) and click "Open":
    1. To save the location, check "Add to managed list" box. It will appear in the "Managed Sites" window as a shortcut. click open
  4. Log in using your CCRI username and password.
    1. If "Domain: CAMPUS" is NOT displayed under login fields, type "campus\username" in the username field. CCRI username and password
  5. Your web will open to its Site View
    The subweb will open to its site view
  6. In Site View, click on the Publishing tab:
    / In Site View
  7. In Site View/Publishing tab view, click on Add a publishing destination...
    1. (If you have already set up a publishing destination, the link will read "Connect to the current destination".)
      Site View/Publishing
  8. In the Connection Settings dialog,
    1. in the Name: field, your CCRI username
    2. Click the Connection Type drop-down menu and select File System
    3. In the Location field, click the Browse... button:
      click the Browse
  9. In the New Publish Location dialog browse to:
    1. Computer > E: (The drive for your flash drive)
      1. NOTE: The letter for your flash drive could be different from the one shown here
    2. Click the Select button or double-click on the flash drive icon to select.
    3. Make sure Removable Disk (E:) is displaying in the Location window.
    4. Click the Select button
      browse to flash drive and create a new folder
    5. In the New Publish Location window for your flash drive,
      1. Click "New folder"
      2. Type your username as the new folder name
      3. Make sure the new folder's name is in the "Location" window
      4. Click the "Select" button
        create destination folder
    6. When you get back to the Connection Settingsdialog box, note that the new folder you created and selected is now in the Locationfield.
      1. Click the Add button
        click on the add button
  10. This brings up an FTP-style interface displaying the FrontPage server (live site) on the left and your flash drive site on right.
    1. It also identifies files that are not matched or synchronized between the two sites with an icon
    2. The arrows in the center strip activate (become blue) when a file or folder is selected, allowing you to either "put", "get" or synch files
    3. If this is the first time you've published to the new site folder on your flash drive, there will not be any files in the right window
    4. In the FrontPage site view (on the left) click the Refresh view icon 
      ftp interface
    5. Click the Select all icon above the FrontPage site window, then click the blue arrow icon which points to the Production site to begin publishing.
      blue arrow icon
    6. A Publishing Status window will appear under the FTP windows.
      1. This will disappear when publishing is complete.
      2. Note that the running status is displayed during the publishing process.
        1. If you see any "Failed" during the publishing process or in the final report, refresh, select all and publish again. Repeat until there are no failures.
        2. If you still have failures after repeating this 3 or 4 times, watch the progress display closely and make note of the file names and locations of the failures --you may be able to publish them one at a time if their file size is what's preventing them from publishing during the site publish. If it's not a file size problem, email, subject: "Problem publishing with Expression Web"
          Publishing status window
    7. After running a site publishing action, a Last Publish status should display. It should read: successful. If it doesn't see 10.6.b.1 above.
      1. To view your flash drive copy in Expression Web, click the Open your destination site in Expression Web link. Open you destination site
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Last Updated: 5/8/19