FrontPage site migration

For IT administrators*

* Faculty, see the "Site Owners" tutorial.

Part I: Publishing a FrontPage site to OU faculty site

  1. Open Expression Web 4
  2. Click on the folder icon drop-down arrow and select "Open site..."
    folder icon drop-down arrow
  3. In the "Open Site" dialog, type: and click "Open":
    click open
    1. To save the location, check "Add to managed list" box. It will appear in the "Managed Sites" window as a shortcut.
  4. Log in using your CCRI username and password.
    CCRI username and password
    1. If "Domain: CAMPUS" is NOT displayed under login fields, type "campus\username" in the username field.
  5. Pick an individual faculty sub-site from the root site - double-click to open.
    Pick an individual faculty sub-site
  6. The subweb will open to its homepage. Close the home page to get to Site View
    The subweb will open to its home page
  7. In Site View, click on the Publishing tab:
    In Site View
  8. In Site View/Publishing tab view, click on Publishing Settings...
    Site View/Publishing
  9. In Site Settings, click on the Publishing tab, then click Edit...
    click on the Publishing
  10. In the Connection Settings dialog,
    1. in the Name: field, type the faculty member's username
    2. Click the Connection Type drop-down menu and select File System
    3. In the Location field, click the Browse... button:
      click the Browse
  11. In the New Publish Location dialog browse to:
    1. Computer > klwebserverprod01_www_faculty > {dept} > {username}
    2. Click the Select button or double-click on username to select.
      double-click on user name to select
  12. Back in the Connection Settings dialog, note the location you selected is now in the Location field.
    1. Click the Save button.
      click on the save button
  13. In the Site Settings dialog, click OK.
    click ok
  14. In Site View, click Connect to the current publishing destination:
    Connect to the current publishing destination
  15. This brings up an FTP-style interface displaying the FrontPage server on left and production server site on right.
    1. It also identifies files that are not matched or synchronized between the sites with an icon
    2. The arrows in the center strip activate when a file or folder is selected, allowing you to either "put", "get" or synch files
    3. The files that are already on the Production server are the OU-created files. You will not disturb them by publishing the FP site to Production -none of the file names match.
      OU-created files
  16. Click the Select all icon above the FP site window, then click the blue arrow icon which points to the Production site to begin publishing.
    blue arrow icon
  17. A Publishing Status window will appear under the FTP windows. This will disappear when publishing is complete.
    This will disappear when publishing is complete
  18. When done publishing, a Last Publish status should display "successful".
    1. Click Open you destination site... link.
      Open you destination site

Last Updated: 4/9/20