How to set-up Expression Web for Faculty Web

Use this tutorial to update or set-up your faculty web settings in Expression Web 4 and download (publish) your site or files to or from a local thumb drive.


Expression Web 4 does not have a Mac version.

  1. Purchase a thumb drive large enough to hold your entire site...16 gigabytes should be plenty for most sites, but check with Web Services if you're not sure how big your site is.
  2. Insert the thumb drive in the computer to which you plan to install Expression Web 4
  3. Download Microsoft Expression Web 4 (Free Version)
    1. Go to the "Download Center" website.
    2. Click the "Download" button

      Download Center
  4. Choose "Run".
  5. Allow the program to install itself on your computer
  6. Expression Web 4 installation program opens.
    1. Click "Accept" to the License Agreement
    2. Say yes or no to the Customer Experience Improvement Program (optional)
    3. On the installation pop-up, click "Install".
    4. Click "Finish"
  7. Open Microsoft Expression Web 4
  8. Click "Site > "Open Site"
    1. Paste the following URL in the "Location" text area{your user name}
    2. Click "open"
  9. Enter your user name and password if on campus
    1. Enter "campus\{username}" and password if off-campus (Please note: you must establish a VPN connection before attempting to access your site from off-campus.)
  10. Click the "Publishing" tab at the bottom of the window
  11. Click the "Add a publishing destination" link
  12. Give the site a name, such as "Jane Doe's Faculty Web"
  13. change "Connection Type" to "File system"
  14. Browse to your thumb drive in the "Location" field.
    1. You may want to create a new folder on the thumb drive called something like, "jane-doe-fac-web".
    2. Click the "Select" button
  15. When you return to the Connection Settings window, click the "Add" button
  16. You should now be in "Site View" which will display your live site on the left and your flash drive site on the right.
  17. To copy your entire site onto the thumb drive, click the "Select all" icon at the top of the live site window, then click the single blue arrow icon in between the windows to copy the selected files to your thumb drive site. If you don't want to copy your entire live site, you can do the same procedure by selecting single or multiple files or folders.
  18. You can upload files from your thumb drive to your live server by simply selecting them in the right-hand window and clicking the blue arrow which points to the left.

Last Updated: 9/11/18