Publishing an emergency message on the home page

 *** Marketing dept. only ***

This allows the Marketing & Communications Office to temporarily replace the slideshow animation on the home page with an editable static message area. The content can be modified and published as needed.


Part 1: Edit test message and publish as home page  
[Part  2: Restore to standard home page]
  1. Login to OmniUpdate from the college home page.
  2. Go to "Pages" view and open "___index-emergency.pcf"
    1. Shortcut: Go directly to the emergency home page template and login to OU from there.

  3. Click "Edit" then click the "Emergency Message" green button:

  4. Edit content, save and publish.

  5. Click on "View in new window" to make sure everything looks/works OK.

  6. Open the "___index-emergency.pcf" page again, click the green "Emergency Message" button, but this time, click the "Save as..." icon:

  7. When the "Save As" dialog box appears, change the file name to "index.pcf", then click the "Save As" button.

  8. Publish. This will overwrite the existing college home page.

 Part 2: 
Restore to original home page
  1. To revert back to the regular homepage, open the "index.pcf" file, click light bulb to check it out, click "Edit" and "Versions".

  2. On the Versions screen, hover over the last version of the file, then click "Revert"

  3. When the "Revert" window pops up, click "revert".

  4. Republish the reverted file.

Last Updated: 4/9/20