How to create image galleries

  1. Prepare your images so that they are web-ready by downsizing and/or cropping them.
  2. Login to OUCampus

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  3. Click on Assets under Content in the upper left-hand corner

    LDP Assets
  4. Click the "new" button in the upper right-hand corner

    new button
  5. Choose "Image Gallery" (second button from the right)
  6. Give your new gallery asset a name. We suggest following this naming convention: "directory - year - title" and then click save.
    Example: Create a gallery named "Sample Gallery" inside the /it/webservices/2014/ directory (also called a folder, sub folder, website, or site). The new asset would be named "it - webservices - 2014 - Sample Gallery"
  7. Fill in each field using the directions below:
    1. Add a brief description
    2. Add "Tags," which are key words used when searching for the asset from within OUCampus
    3. Leave the "Maximum Thumbnail Size" set to 100x100
    4. Leave aspect ratio set to "Original"
    5. Choose who can edit this gallery asset
    6. Click "Save" at bottom of window
  8. After the asset has been saved, make sure the asset is checked out to you, then click on the "Edit" button

    click edit button

  9. Click the "New" button near the bottom of the window
  10. Select the images you wish to add to the gallery.
    To select more than one image at a time:
    1. Click the first image file
    2. Press and hold the shift key on the keyboard
    3. Click the last image file
  11. Click "Open"
  12. After the images have been uploaded, click "Save"
  13. Publish the new gallery asset
    click publish now button
  14. Embed the asset onto a new page by following the How to embed a new asset onto a page tutorial.

Last Updated: 4/9/20