How to embed an asset onto a page

  1. Login to OUCampus

    last updated date
  2. Create a new page
  3. Edit the main content section of the new page

    click edit main content button
  4. Place the cursor where you want the asset to be inserted.

    insert cursor at beginning of paragraph
  5. Click on the "Insert / Edit Asset" button in the toolbar

    click insert/edit asset button on tool bar
  6. In the Asset Browser, find and select the asset you wish to embed by either scrolling through the left pane or by filtering the list using tags

    search for and select asset
  7. After choosing the asset, click the "Select Asset" button

    click select asset button
  8. Remove all unwanted content from the page that remains from the template

    remove unwanted content
  9. Click the save button

    click save
  10. Go into page properties by clicking on the "properties" button

    click props button
  11. Turn off the right column by selection "No" from the "Display Contact Section" drop-down menu

    right col config
  12. Publish the new page

    click publish now button
  13. Click "View in new window" so that the new form or gallery can be reviewed and tested.

    clcik view in new window

Last Updated: 4/9/20