Become a CCRI Web Content Manager

Steps and form

  1. Read the terms of the agreement below.
  2. If you can meet all of the terms, fill out and submit the Web Content Manager's Agreement below.
  3. Review "Creating Departmental Websites" documentation.
  4. Schedule Web Content Manager's Training by emailing Web Services.

Web Content Manager's Agreement

I agree to become a Web Content Manager under the following conditions:

  • I am a full-time or permanent part-time CCRI employee.
  • I am responsible for the timely maintenance of all information that I submit to the website.
  • The web pages that I submit will follow all CCRI publication guidelines including the Web Publishing Guidelines and"Creating Departmental Websites".
  • I will read my CCRI email daily (on workdays) and respond to questions, suggestions and problem reports sent by CCRI website visitors regarding my area(s) of the website
    • This includes the weekly reports on broken links and misspellings from our Site Improve application.
    • I will respond to any negative reports by logging into Site Improve ( to identify and locate any broken links and misspellings and fixing them immediately.
    • Web Services will address any problems beyond misspelling and broken links.
  • I will test all of my web development work on the CCRI website using the most commonly used versions of Firefox and Chrome, checking for problems in content and/or appearance.
  • I understand that the information I submit for the CCRI website may be removed if any college or web publishing policies are violated.
  • I will be the below mentioned department/organization's web content liaison with Community College of Rhode Island.
  • I will attend Web related training and facilitate the development of web content within my department/organization.

Please provide the following information:

Content Manager Information:
Existing Website Information:
If you are taking over an existing website, please give us the address.
New Website Information:
If you are creating a new website, please give us your preference for the site's name.
Approval Information:
A Vice President, Associate VP, Dean, Department Chair, or Director must approve the allocation of this responsibility to the above person. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the approving party.

Last Updated: 4/9/20