What is a Computer Virus?

Computer viruses are a type of malicious code or program written to alter the way a computer operates and that is designed to spread from one computer to another. 

Virus Protection at CCRI

Sophos Anti-Virus software is the campus standard in computer virus protection. This software is installed on all campus computers, including student labs, office computers, and library stations. We administer updates and virus reporting from one central location and the latest virus defense information is distributed to each computer within hours of being made available to the public.

It is important to have antivirus software on the computer to protect not only the computer from damage viruses can cause, but the havoc caused to the campus network. Some viruses are malicious and destructive causing destruction to an individual’s data and can also bring a network to a near halt.

If Sophos reports that you have a virus, please call the Help Desk at 401 -825-1112.

Virus Protection at Home

The safest way to ensure that your computer is protected against viruses is to install antivirus software with the most recent virus definition files. 

These software products are not endorsed or recommended by CCRI and we cannot provide support for these products. This list is provided as a reference only and is not meant to be a comprehensive list. There may be many other antivirus programs that may work for your system which are not listed.  

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Last Updated: 3/5/18