Computer Equipment Disposal Service

Why do we need this service? computer equipment disposal bin

The importance of this process is to centralize the removal of hardware and to ensure that obsolete equipment is taken out of use. IT Help Desk will be notified to pick up equipment and evaluate it to determine if there are any useful parts that can be salvaged and used for the repair of other CCRI owned equipment. All parts that can be used are removed and the Track-It Inventory system is updated to reflect the removal of obsolete equipment. In addition, certain models of computers are evaluated for potential refurbishing or updating.

This page is intended as a starting point for individuals who need to dispose of old equipment. It provides recommendations for preparing equipment for recycling or disposal.

What is covered?

Desktop and notebook computers, monitors, printers, and scanners. Any other technology equipment except copiers, UPS, fax machines

What is not covered?

This is not a general rubbish collection service and does not include the disposal of security cages, media, miscellaneous cables and other items.

How does the service work?

Departments should contact IT Help Desk at x1112. The Help Desk will request that you provide the following information: serial number/make/model #, room # for each item, and a contact name and the owning department. This information will be logged into the Call Tracking system (Track-It).

The IT Help Desk will coordinate the transfer of the equipment and then assess the equipment. If it is determined that the equipment is unusable, the IT Help Desk will arrange the transfer of the equipment to the central storage room where it waits for periodic disposal in accordance with CCRI’s disposal procedures or is stored, to be redistributed to another location in the college.

Preparing Equipment for Transfer/Disposal

Removal of all work related data and licensed software from all data containing devices including but not limited to, hard drives, tape, CD-ROM etc.


Computer equipment that is determined to be viable will be recycled or disassembled for parts and supplies for reuse of components.


If it is determined that computer equipment cannot be reused or recycled it then will be disposed of in accordance with CCRI’s computer disposal procedures. Computers will be considered obsolete when they can no longer provide a "basic level of service" or have exceeded their useful life.

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Last Updated: 12/21/16