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Department of Information Technology

The Department of Information Technology (IT) supports the technology needs of the College. IT website [Learn more]


MyCCRI is a web-based information portal that allows CCRI faculty, staff and students to use a single common interface to access a variety of electronic services. The access to the portal is available from any Internet-connected computer anywhere in the world. The web address for MyCCRI is For more information, see MyCCRI Documentation.


Campus-supported e-mail applications include Microsoft Outlook for desktop e-mail and MyCCRI for web-based e-mail. For more information on these packages please see E-mail.

Help Desk

The Technology Help Desk provides CCRI faculty, students, and staff an effective, single point of contact for timely and consistent response to technology-related questions, training and documentation. The Help Desk is located at the Knight Campus in Room 2113 and the hours are posted by semester on their web page. You can reach the Help Desk by phone at 825-1112 or by e-mail [email protected]. For more information please visit the Help Desk web page.

College Website

The purpose of the CCRI website is to provide a medium for access to accurate and timely information regarding the community college’s mission, its faculty, staff and students, its services and programs, and college-related events. It provides access to local and global resources for teaching and learning, as well as access to school services. Departments are encouraged to publish on the college website. The Web Publishing page provides information on how to publish web content.

The address of the College website is:

Domain Accounts

There are two types of accounts that are useful for faculty and staff at CCRI. One is your MyCCRI account that gives you access to e-mail, calendars, course tools and administrative tools. The other is a domain account, which gives you access to the CCRI network and printers. This account is important if you want to be able to utilize the departmental shared drives to store, share and access files from any CCRI computer on any campus. Your files will be backed up every night so you never have to worry about losing data again. Plus once your files are on the share drive, you don't have to carry around USB or CD disks with your files anymore while you are on campus.


Centers for Instructional Technology (CITs)

Centers for Instructional Technology are available on all campuses:

Knight Campus (R4100) 825-2477
Flanagan Campus (R2642) 333-7367
Liston Campus (R2212) 455-6079
Newport Campus (R205) 851-1658

These Centers provide sophisticated hardware and specialized software to allow faculty members to explore new tools to enhance their courses. Help with the hardware and software may be arranged by calling the Help Desk at 825-1112. See Centers for Instructional Technology for more information on the equipment and software available to you.

Computers Available for Adjunct Faculty

In addition to using the Centers for Instructional Technology (CITs) listed above, adjunct faculty who need computers could also use the rooms listed below:

Flanagan Campus - Room 1260
4 computers, laser printer, scanner

Knight Campus - Room 3105 common area
2 computers, laser printer

Liston Campus - Room 1128
4 computers, printer, scanner

Newport Campus - Room 237
3 computers, 1 printer

Classroom Support

Electronic Classrooms: These rooms include an electronically equipped instructor's station, a LCD projector and computer stations for the students. See the list of electronic classrooms.

Classrooms with Computer and Projector: Some classrooms at CCRI include an electronically equipped instructor's station and either a ceiling mounted LCD projector or an LCD projector on a cart that stays in the room.

See the updated list of classrooms for all three campuses as well as information on how to schedule your courses in these rooms.

Departmental Computer Labs: Many departments also have labs available for faculty and students enrolled in particular courses or programs of study. Please ask your department chairperson for specific information regarding use of these labs.

Interactive Video Conferencing Rooms
There are fully equipped video conferencing classrooms available on the Flanagan Campus (R 2207) and Knight Campus (R 4104). There is also a Liston classroom (R 1208) and a Newport classroom (R 221) outfitted with video conferencing equipment. For more information on the equipment in these rooms and the scheduling process, please see Video Conferencing Rooms.

Mobile Computer & Projector Carts
Faculty may make arrangements with Information Technology staff to deliver a cart with a computer and a projector to their classroom. To reserve a cart please call 455-6111 at least 24 hours in advance.

Wireless Classroom
Currently we have one wireless classroom unit located at each of the four campuses. To reserve a portable classroom, please call extension 6111 or from off-campus at 455-6111. For more information on this newest technology, see Wireless Computing.

For comprehensive information, see Technology in the Classrooms.

Computing Labs

The Computing Labs are a resource for all CCRI students. The computers in the lab contain standard software, like MS Office 2010, as well as discipline-specific software requested by faculty. When classes are in session, the labs are open to students seven days a week. Hours of operation are posted in the individual labs and on the Computer Labs web page.

Online Documentation

A number of manuals and handouts are available on the Documentation web page for reference and tutorials. Topics include Blackboard, MyCCRI, e-mail configuration, and all standard Office applications. There is also information computer virus prevention and home pc maintenance. Note: the Office documentation is only accessible from on-campus due to licensing restrictions.

Microsoft Home Use Program  

CCRI participates in the Microsoft Home Use Program, which provides College employees access to Microsoft's most popular computer software, including Windows operating systems upgrades and MS Office Professional Suite on all campus-owned computers. The agreement also allows CCRI faculty and staff who use computers at work to load a copy of the licensed Microsoft Office 2010 on their laptop or home desktop computers to perform College-related work. The distribution of software for home use takes place through Microsoft's Software Assurance Home Use Program (HUP). This program enables College employees to obtain a licensed copy of the latest Microsoft Office for the cost of the DVD and shipping to install and use on their home computer.

Supported Campus Software

CCRI has established a standard list of supported software products. This benefits the college community by reducing costs for licenses, developing standard skill sets among employees and enabling support staff to develop expertise in specific areas to provide more effective assistance. The Software Support page provides a list of products.

Supported Campus Hardware

CCRI is primarily a PC environment utilizing standards that enable the centralized purchase and support of computer equipment. This enables us to benefit from volume purchasing discounts and to provide more efficient maintenance. The hardware support page provides links to hardware resources.

Professional Development & Technology Training

CCRI recognizes that the skills and knowledge of its employees are critical to the success of the organization and encourages personal development through formal education so that employees can maintain and enhance job-related skills. Many courses are offered during work hours that are free of charge and open to all employees.

To register for a technology related course offered by the Information Technology Department please refer to the Training page.

Access to Information Systems (Banner Finance, Student, Financial Aid or HR)

Faculty and staff who need access to the Banner Finance system to enter or approve requisitions or to monitor budgets must submit the Banner Purchasing Authorization Request form. Those who need access to the Banner Student or Financial Aid system view or maintain student or course information must complete the Banner Student Authorization Request form. Additional information and documentation about these systems can be found on the Banner web page.

Departmental Share Drive

To gain access to department share drives, supervisors will need to submit a help desk ticket

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