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Viewing a Faculty Schedule by Day and Time in MyCCRI

Faculty have two options for viewing their course schedules in MyCCRI.

The Faculty Schedule by Day and Time displays a calendar view by the week of all courses attached to a faculty account. This schedule includes the dates, time, and location of each course. Each course is also linked to additional information on enrollment counts and status (cancelled, closed, open etc.). This schedule can be printed out as a handy reference sheet for the beginning of each semester.

The Faculty Detail Schedule displays information on each individual course the faculty member is attached to, including enrollment counts, meeting times and locations. There is an option for each course to add syllabus information and office hours. There is also a link from each course record directly to the roster.

These instructions are for viewing the Faculty Schedule by Day and Time.

Viewing Faculty Schedules by Day and Time:
Instructions Screenshots
Step 1

Click on the For Faculty tab

Information Technology
Step 2

Click on the Faculty Schedule by Day and Time link

graphic of the faculty services menu with the faculty schedule by day and time highlighted
Step 3

If you have not selected a term, you will be prompted to select a term from the down arrow list. Click on the Submit button.

Information Technology
Step 4

Scroll down to see your course displayed in a weekly calendar format. Note that each course is a link to additional information. You may move through the weeks of the semester by clicking on the Previous Week and Next Week links at the top of the calendar or by typing in a specific date at the top of the calendar in MM/DD/YYYY format and clicking on the Submit button. This class information is automatically added to your schedule by the system.

Information Technology
Step 5 (optional)

To print this schedule, select: File - Print from the menu bar in your browser.

Graphic of the File - Print steps
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