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Leadership Essentials for Managers


Leadership Essentials 2018 Cohort

“Participating in this course has allowed me to identify my strengths and challenges as a leader and gain helpful skills and tips to move forward. It has broadened my understanding of the college community I serve and has allowed me to network and learn from other leaders at CCRI. This course is priceless.”
-Lisa Burke, Coordinator of Clinical Nursing Education, Leadership Essentials 2019-2020

In the Leadership Essentials Certification Program, managers at CCRI will come together monthly for day-long sessions covering the many elements of leading effectively. Workshops are highly interactive and engaging sessions, specifically designed for leaders working at CCRI. Leadership Essentials provides leaders at CCRI with the opportunity to learn best practices, develop key skills, and connect with other leaders at the college.


Leadership Essentials is intended for CCRI staff who lead teams or departments of 4 or more employees. We will be selecting no more than 20 managers to participate in the program who demonstrate a commitment to learning and growing as a manager and leader at CCRI.

The application is now open for our 2020 Spring Cohort. Apply by April 3. Participants will be notified by April 15.

Program Details

The Leadership Essentials Certification Program includes four day-long workshops and one closing session.

Session 1: Leading Today (April 23)

During this session, participants will hear from leadership experts about definitions of leadership, what effective leadership really means and why it matters. Participants will hear from CCRI leaders about the broader context of CCRI’s work currently and in the near future, and how they can help contribute to our mission and goals.

Session 2: Leading People (May 28)

This session will provide participants with a space to consider their role in leading people. They will reflect on their own strengths and challenges when it comes to interpersonal leadership and learn skills for how to best support the growth and development of their employees.

Session 3: Leading the Lifecycle (June 25)

Session three will provide participants with more of the nuts and bolts of leading at CCRI. Participants will learn about how to consistently and fairly follow workplace laws and policies in order to champion equity and maintain trust with employees.

Session 4: Leading Teams (July 23)

During session four, participants will engage in discussions about how to lead teams effectively. Topics such as inclusive leadership, strategic planning and action, and maximizing meetings will be covered.

Closing Session (Date TBD)
Benefits of Participation

Participants in the Leadership Essentials Certification Program will:

  • Learn from leadership and management experts about best practices and approaches
  • Gain tools and skills to support and coach direct reports, build teams, and handle workplace challenges
  • Connect and build relationships with other supervisors and managers across CCRI
  • Receive an official certification of completion