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Educational Spaces Committee

Purpose: To collectively evaluate and make recommendations to enhance the appearance of and to ensure that the efficient use of the college's facilities are up to date, effective, safe, comfortable, and reflect the physical, technological, and pedagogical needs that support the faculty, staff and students who utilize them. 

Minutes and agendas from past meetings can be accessed by clicking the committee minutes button below.

Committee Minutes


Committee Members
Area Name Term Start Term End
Academic Affairs Rep Mish Mcintyre 2019 2021
Business Office Ray Karasek 2019 2021
CCRIFA President/Designee Lilia Amaral 2018 2020
CWCE Representative Beatrice McGeoch 2019 2021
Department Chairperson Vacant    
Enrollment Services Rep Cathy Picard Tessier 2019 2021
Facilities Representative Deloise White 2019 2021
FL Faculty Representative Francine Luizzi-Bench 2019 2021
Information Technology  John Vota (chairperson) 2019 2021
Information Technology Vacant    
KC Faculty Representative Barbara Leasher 2019 2021
NCC Faculty Representative Robyn Younkin 2019 2021
Physical Plant (Director) Ken McCabe  2019 2021
PV Faculty Representative Laura Ryan 2019 2021
Student Representative Vacant    
Student Representative Vacant