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File a Report

The Office of Institutional Equity (OIE) is responsible for implementing and monitoring CCRI's harassment prevention and nondiscrimination policies across all campuses of CCRI. It is important to know the policies and procedures. Individuals have options when deciding whether or not to file a report. Individuals may choose to pursue complaints via one or both options: CCRI complaint and/or criminal complaint


The Title IX Coordinator, Dean of Students or College Police can take reports on behalf of CCRI, explain the reporting process, and assist all parties with support and resources. All CCRI staff and faculty are here to help, but some staff and faculty are "mandated reporters," which means that if they know of an incident or crime on campus, they are obligated to report it. If you are worried about confidentiality, speak with confidential staff.

Individuals can file a complaint or report of discrimination, harassment or sexual misconduct by a student with the Dean of Students, Michael Cunningham at [email protected] or with Sheila Wahl, Title IX Coordinator, ADA Section 504 Coordinator, and Asst. Director for Affirmative Action and Diversity, at [email protected] or 401-825-1004. 

Individuals can file a complaint or report of discrimination, harassment, or sexual misconduct by faculty, staff and visitors of the campus directly to the Title IX Coordinator Sheila Wahl at [email protected] or the Office of Human Resources at [email protected]

When filing a complaint, please complete the Incident Report Form, and either email or deliver it to the appropriate individual (described in the above paragraph). 

  • Title IX Coordinator and ADA Section 504 Coordinator
    • Sheila Wahl
    • E-mail: [email protected]
    • Office: Knight Campus, Warwick
    • Phone: 401-825-1004
  • Dean of Students
    • Michael Cunningham
    • E-mail: [email protected]
    • Office: Knight Campus, Warwick, Room 0060
    • Phone: 401-825-2218
  • College Police*
    • Flanagan Campus, Lincoln (24 hours): 401-333-7035
    • Knight Campus, Warwick (24 hours): 401-825-2109
    • Liston Campus, Providence: 401-455-6063
    • Newport County Campus: 401-851-1625
    • *If you have an emergency on the Liston or Newport campuses after hours, please contact Warwick College Police for assistance. 
    • The campus police will take victims of sexual assault to the nearest hospital for treatment.



A report to a college employee or to College Police is not automatically a report to the local police. Parties must tell the College Police when they report an incident if they wish to have the matter reported to the local police. CCRI encourages individuals to report incidents to the local police. However, individuals are never required to report an incident to College police or the local police department.

  • Emergency: 911
  • Lincoln Police: 401-333-8281
  • Newport Police: 401-847-1306
  • Providence Police: 401-272-3121
  • Warwick Police: 401-468-4200


Of course at any time during the process, you have the right to consult individuals or agencies external to or outside of CCRI. Please see the Sexual Violence Rights and Options pamphlet for more information.