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General Student Withdrawal

By signing the withdrawal form, students acknowledge it is past the refund period and that withdrawing from CCRI does not relieve any outstanding financial obligations. Also, The Federal Financial Aid Title IV Refund Policy requires colleges to calculate how much federal aid a student has earned if they withdraw prior to completing more than 60% (April 2, 2020) of the semester. Students may have to return a portion of the aid received, as well as owe the College a portion of the tuition and fees. Student receiving financial aid should consult with a Financial Aid Officer prior to withdrawing.

If you are utilizing Military Benefits (Ch. 30, 31, 33, 35, 1606 or 1607) at CCRI, you MUST notify the CCRI Certifying Official at of your withdrawal

Students who wish to withdraw from one or more courses but will remain registered for one or more courses may withdraw from the selected course(es) via their MyCCRI Account within the specified time period. (The withdrawal form is only for complete course withdrawals from the term)

Withdrawal Period

Spring 2020 - February 4 through April 24

After April 24: Students who wish to withdraw at this point in the semester can request the appropriate WP or WF from their instructor. This is considered an unofficial withdrawal and is submitted by the instructor when final grades are due. WP/WF grades hold no point value and will not impact the students overall GPA.


Refund Schedule for Spring 2020
January 20

Last day of 100% refund for tuition and fees for drop and official withdrawals
January 21 - February 3 100% refund of tuition only for drop and official withdrawals
February 4 No refunds of tuition and fees begins for drop and official withdrawals
Drop/Refund dates differ for modular courses. See Bursar for more details