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What do I need to know about online classes?

Women using computersThere are many advantages to incorporating online courses into your education, including the convenience and the self-confidence you build through achieving goals independently.

How are online courses the same or different from on-campus courses?

Online and on-campus courses have the same:

  • Registration process, cost, and access to services and resources
  • Academic calendar
  • Learning outcomes and academic rigor
  • Course schedule

Online courses are different from on-campus courses because:

  • There will be few to none on-campus requirements
  • Courses are managed through a website (likely Blackboard; sometimes publisher websites)
  • You will have more personal responsibility for your success

What should I expect in an online course?

You will access your course materials, activities, communication with peers and faculty, and your grades using a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari) with a login id and password.

Consider the time you spend in the classroom and out of it for an on-campus course and plan to spend that same amount (~9 hours) for online courses. Your course may include reading a textbook or other readings, watching videos, and engaging in discussions or similar. You may also have assignments, quizzes, exams, and other typical activities.

Your instructor will provide course materials and activities for you through the LMS. These materials might be in the form of text documents, PowerPoint presentations, videos, or other online learning activities and resources. You might be required to use a discussion board, upload assignments as attachments, and take tests and quizzes online. How the course is designed will vary with the instructor and the subject.

To learn more about online learning at CCRI and to ensure that you're fully prepared, visit the Online Success page.

What if I have questions about a specific course?

For academic information on a course, please e-mail the instructor of the course (as noted in the schedule of courses) or contact the department that is offering the course.

Next steps

If you're ready to begin now, you can search for courses from the Course Offerings page.