Know yourself by assessing your skills, values, interests and personality preferences. Your personal attributes are central to making a satisfying major or career choice.

The process of Self-Exploration helps you identify personal qualities that describe who you are and likewise influence the choices you make, particularly in reference to career decisions and choice of major. Knowledge of one’s self is essential information, it is the foundation of decision-making.

This site includes a number of exercises that will help you identify skills, interests, values and personality traits. Fill out each form, print a copy and then contact Career Development to review the results.

Remember, Self-Exploration is a fundamental step when deciding on a "best-fit" career or major. The time and effort you invest in this process will greatly increase the likelihood that the choice you make is the one best suited for you.

Who am I?

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Self-Exploration Exercises:

Future Fantasy Exercises

What is my Work Style?

Values Questionnaire


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