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Vaccine Policy FAQs

*CCRI requires all full- and part-time students enrolled for in-person classes for the Fall 2021 semester to be  vaccinated against COVID-19 or have an approved medical or religious exemption.

Why do we need to be vaccinated?

The Community College of Rhode Island, with the support of the Rhode Island Department of Health, is working to ensure that the entire college community remains as healthy and safe as possible as we get back to in-person classes this fall. The COVID-19 vaccine is a proven safe and effective preventive measure.

Do I still need to wear a mask on campus even though I am vaccinated?

Employees, students and visitors – even if they are fully vaccinated are required to wear a mask/face covering over both their nose and mouth at all times when on campus, except at a workstation/private office that is in an enclosed space or when eating/drinking.

Any student that has a medical exemption or a doctor's note stating he or she does not need to or cannot wear a mask must contact the Office of Disability Services for Students for the appropriate accommodations. 

How do I upload my vaccine card?

The Student Health Records Portal, where you are required to upload your proof of vaccination or exemption forms, is now available online through MyCCRI.

You can access the portal under the “For Students” tab (select “Verify My Vaccination”). Or, visit on any web browser or mobile device. Use your MyCCRI username and password to access the portal.

1. Click the “Uploads” icon on the homepage.

2. From the “Choose Document You Are Uploading” pulldown menu, choose which file you are uploading – either your medical or religious exemption form or your proof of vaccination.

  1. If you have proof of vaccination, you can either scan it to your device and upload it to the portal, or simply upload a photo of your vaccine card. The following file formats are acceptable: GIF, PNG, TIFF, TIF, JPEG, TXT, or PDF. You cannot upload a Microsoft Word file or document.
  2. You must also name your file before uploading. Please use only alpha and numeric characters; no special characters or extra spaces are allowed.

3. Hit “Upload” to submit your document.

Vaccination records may take up to 5 business days to process. Once your records have been successfully reviewed and matched, you will be notified via your CCRI email.

Do I need to get vaccinated if I have already had COVID-19?

Yes, all students enrolled in in-person classes need to be vaccinated against COVID-19. A prior COVID-19 infection does not exempt a student from this vaccine requirement.

How do I file an exemption?

To file a medical or religious exemption, download and complete the appropriate exemption form. The completed forms can be uploaded to the Student Health Records Portal available online through MyCCRI.

How do I request a medical exemption?

You will need to have an unrelated, third-party healthcare provider complete and sign a medical exemption form.

What do I do if I’m in a program that is not offered online (e.g. Nursing, Engineering)?

The vaccine mandate is required to ensure the health and safety of the CCRI community. We have made an effort to offer many courses online, but there are programs that are only available for in-person course offerings.

What if I am vaccinated, but I lost my vaccine card?

If you were vaccinated in Rhode Island, you can view and print your proof of vaccination through the following portal: If you were vaccinated in another state, please consult that state’s Department of Health.

Do I have to be fully vaccinated or is the first dose sufficient to allow me to begin classes?

If you are partially vaccinated (meaning you have received the first of the two doses of Moderna or Pfizer vaccine), you can attend in-person classes at CCRI this fall, but you will need to show proof of having received the first dose, a negative COVID test within 72 hours of your first in-person class and every 72 hours until you receive your second dose. If you have received the first dose, you should upload your vaccination information to the Student Health Records Portal today and then again once you receive your second dose.

You must show proof of receiving the second dose of the vaccine and upload that information to the Student Health Records portal within 30 days of the start of the fall semester (9/1). Failure to do so will mean you will automatically be withdrawn from all in-person classes, receiving a "W" on your transcript for those classes and be responsible for all tuition and fees related to those classes.

What if I recently had COVID and cannot yet get vaccinated?

In accordance with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), people who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 can receive the vaccine once they are no longer infectious and symptoms are improving, which is typically after 10 days since symptoms first started so long as the individual does not have a fever and/or is symptom free.