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Employee FAQs

Will students be required to receive the vaccine in order to return to campus?

Yes. CCRI requires all full- and part-time students enrolled for in-person classes be vaccinated against COVID-19 or have an approved medical or relgious exemption.

How is the college improving airflow in classrooms? 

Our Physical Plant team regularly monitors our building air quality and replaces HVAC filters in compliance with OSHA requirements. In addition, CCRI employs 80 portable, commercial air-scrubbers for the classrooms.

Will faculty/staff be required to participate in on-campus COVID testing?

CCRI faculty and staff are not required to be tested regularly, however we encourage everyone to participate. The CDC strongly recommends that people who have been fully vaccinated should continue to be tested regularly.

I am fully vaccinated. Do I still need to wear a mask at CCRI?

Yes. All employees and studenrs, regardless of vaccination status, are required to wear a mask while on campus, except when in a private office space or eating/drinking. 

What are the latest social distancing guidelines for classrooms?

Social distancing will not be required in the classrooms. Students working in groups should be limited as much as possible. All students are required to wear a mask while in classrooms and should be reminded about the frequent use of hand sanitizer. The college has provided cleaning supplies for each classrooms and professors should remind students to wipe down their workspaces at the conclusion of each class.  

What are the protocols for cleaning/disinfecting between classes?

For all classes, students and faculty will be required to wipe down their spaces (desks, chairs, computers, etc.) at the conclusion of every class. Hand-sanitizing wipes will be available in each classroom for this purpose. We ask faculty to remind students of this responsibility. In addition, CCRI will use disinfectant mist machines that increase the number of surfaces cleaned, and ensure hard-to-clean surfaces are disinfected, in classrooms daily.

Will classrooms be outfitted with Plexiglas barriers?

There is no plan to install Plexiglas in classrooms.

Will I still need to sign in when I come to campus?

You will not be required to sign in, but non-vaccinated employees will be screened for COVID symptoms and undergo a temperature scan before gaining entry to the campus. If you are not vaccinated, you will also receive a yellow CCRI sticker for your CCRI ID indicating you must undergo daily screening and temperature scanning to gain entry to any of CCRI’s campuses.

Fully-vaccinated employees should present their CCRI ID with the green sticker to gain access to campus.

All employees should bring their CCRI ID (or a driver's license, state ID, or passport) to campus. If you need a CCRI ID, please contact the CCRI Campus Store via email.

How do we handle the situation of a student arriving to class or for an appointment without a mask?

All employees and students are required to wear a mask on campus, including in classrooms and during appointments with any student service. Employees and students are expected to provide their own mask/face covering, however, the college will provide a mask/face covering at entry if a person comes to campus without one. A face shield without a face mask is not an acceptable face covering.

Faculty and staff are expected to model appropriate behavior by wearing a mask and complying with all other college policies. Faculty should orally review classroom requirements at the beginning of the semester and spend a few minutes on these requirements for the first several class periods.

For classrooms, faculty and student service offices, it may be helpful to post a sign at the entrance of the room to remind students of the requirements before entering. The college has signs available to download and print. Also, when confirming an appointment via email, remind the student of the mask policy.

If you encounter a student who is not wearing a mask, or is wearing a mask incorrectly, it is best to ask the student to comply with the college’s expectations. If they indicate they do not have a mask with them, please kindly ask the student to return to the campus entrance to receive a mask from Campus Police.

If the student continues to be non-compliant, please email the Dean of Students.

If the student has complied, but needed a reminder, the instructor or staff member should consider emailing the student a reminder about the requirement for future classes. The email should be framed to explain the past action in a way that might help mitigate it in the future.

If the student has a medical exemption or a doctor's note stating he or she does not need to or cannot wear a mask, please direct that student to the Office of Disability Services for Students for the appropriate accommodations. Any employee who has a similar situation (i.e. doctor's note, medical exemption) should contact Human Resources for exemption. 


What is the elevator capacity? 

Capacity limits on elevators have been lifted as the use of an elevator does not constitute "close contact" as it relates to the potential spread of COVID-19 due to the limited amount of time an individual is in an elevator.