Travel Arrangements FAQ

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How do I make travel arrangements?

Once you receive the Travel Authorization Number (see process here) that was issued by the Controller's Office you may contact Short's Travel Management, at 1.866.498.7436 (toll free) or [email protected] to make the travel arrangements. You should NOT use any other travel service to make travel arrangements.

NOTE: The State will not reimburse a traveler for travel agent fees or for fees to issue a paper ticket.

Who do these travel procedures apply to?

They apply to all CCRI employees, students, and third parties requesting reimbursement from the College.

What do I do if I have problems with the travel arrangements after hours or on a weekend?

If the traveler has made the travel arrangements through Short's Travel Management and there are questions please call:

24/7 Emergency Support:

1.866.498.7436 Toll Free

All travelers who have booked with Short's Travel Management should use this toll free number if they experience travel delays, have issues with flight cancellations, hotel reservations or need emergency assistance with bookings. Non-emergency calls shouldnot be directed to this number.

If you used another travel service, you should contact that travel organization.

What documents must I complete in order to attend an out of state conference?

An explanation of the process is located here.

Do I have to use the State Travel agency for my travel arrangements?

Yes. Unless you have prior approval from the Vice-President of Finance and Strategy, using any travel agency other than the State 's agency, Short's Travel Management, your claim may be disallowed.

What must I do after I return from an out of state conference/training trip?

A travel expense voucher must be completed as soon as the traveler returns, but no later than the end of the following month.  An Out-of-State travel form (A14A) must be completed. The instructions for completing the form are located here.

Where can I obtain a copy of the travel reimbursement forms?

All travel forms are available on this Website. You can also send an e-mail message to [email protected] and request the particular travel form you need. Or call the Controller's Office at 401-825-2150. Only use current travel forms or your claim will be returned.

When are travel claims paid?

Reimbursement checks are run bi-weekly for all completed travel claims received by the Controller's Office. Completed means the current forms have been completed (including proper authorization signatures) and all required support documentation are attached. Reimbursement checks will be mailed to your home of record.

What are the time limitations on submitting In-State Travel claims?

Reimbursement claims must be submitted no later than the last day of the month following the month in which the travel occurred. Claims submitted after this deadline will not be reimbursed. For in-state mileage claims, each individual day will be considered a separate trip. Submit expense claims promptly to ensure reimbursement.

What is the current mileage rate?

As of January 1, 2019 the mileage rate has been increased from .545 to .580. Mileage rates are adjusted periodically by The State. All CCRI WEB travel forms are updated with current mileage rates.

Will the College reimburse me for purchasing an E-ZPass transponder?

No. The college will not reimburse individuals for E-ZPass transponders. Department heads may request the Controller's Office to purchase transponders for their departments.

Can I make changes to my travel arrangements once they have been made through the designated travel agent?

Changes in travel arrangements should only be made in emergency situations because significant ($100.00 or more) additional fees are charged to the College for all changes made by the travel agents.

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Last Updated: 1/18/19