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Cyber Defense Certificate (starting Fall 2022)

Listed in the table below are the courses that comprise the Cyber Defense Certificate. Upon successful completion of these courses, students will receive a certificate of completion. The courses in this path are core components in CCRI’s Associate Degree in Cybersecurity (AS_COMI_CYBR) offered by the Computer Studies Department.

For more information on the Cyber Defense Path or the Cybersecurity Degree refer to the college catalog, the Computer Studies website, or contact Michael Kelly, Cybersecurity Program Coordinator.

Courses that comprise the Cyber Defense Certificate
Course Number Course Title CAE2Y KU Area of Emphasis
COMI-1150 Programming Concepts Introductory Programming / Scripting
COMP-1200 Database Design and Mgt. Data Analysis / Databases
COMI-2036 Intro to Computer Ethics Policy, Ethics, and Compliance
COMI-2037 Intro to Cyber Security Cyber Defense and Cyber Threats / Policy, Ethics, and Compliance
CNVT-1810 Networking Technology Fundamental Security Design / Networking Concepts
CNVT-1820 Intermediate Networking Fundamental Security Design / Networking Concepts
CNVT-2200 Network Security Hardware Network Defense Technology and Protocols

Suggested course sequence for Cyber Defense Certificate:

Semester 1:

  • COMI-1150
  • COMI-2037
  • CNVT-1810

Semester 2:

  • COMI-2036
  • COMP-1200
  • CNVT-1820
  • CNVT-2200