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Commencement FAQs

Do I have to apply for graduation?

Yes. You should complete your graduation application in order to receive your diploma in July or August.

How does Virtual Commencement work?

CCRI’s Virtual Commencement website will include a slide for each graduate. The slide will contain a photo and quote (uploaded manually by you) and your academic degree and honors, if applicable (provided by the college). Speeches from Governor Gina Raimondo, President Meghan Hughes and our student commencement speaker, in addition to other videos will also be featured during the presentation.

What are the requirements to participate?

Students who have completed all degree requirements and are in good standing with the college and have applied to graduate on or before May 18 will be sent an email invitation to upload your photo and a quote that will be included on a graduate slide. (If you do not receive this information, email

Once you have received the email from Marching Order your information for the graduate slide must be uploaded by May 19 at 11:59 p.m.

If you complete your degree requirements after the deadline of May 18 we encourage you to participate in the virtual graduation ceremony by viewing the prerecorded speeches, videos and graduate slides. If you have any questions or to confirm your eligibility for graduation, please email

How do I log in on graduation day?

The website will be launched on May 29. A link to access the ceremony will be sent to you no later than three days prior to the event if you participated in creating a slide with Marching Order.

Is this a live ceremony?

The ceremony on the website will be pre-recorded and includes speeches, videos and the graduation slideshow.

Will we still receive a cap and gown?

You have been sent a commencement box as a gift from the CCRI Foundation and Alumni Association. The box contains a cap and tassel as a keepsake, a diploma cover and CCRI swag. There will be no gown included in this box.

These are extraordinary times and the college wanted to do something to recognize our graduates accomplishments. While we would have loved to provide every graduate a gown as well, budgetary constraints did not allow for us to do so. We hope that students enjoy the keepsakes the Alumni Association provided in their gift boxes. You will be invited to next year’s commencement at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center. Gowns for Commencement 2021 will be available for purchase by next February.

Will the webpage be available to view after commencement?

Yes. The page will be live for one year following the date of commencement.

How do I create my own graduation slide?

You will receive an email from Marching Order with instructions on submitting your photo and quote. Once you finish submitting your information, you will be sent a confirmation email. If you do not receive any correspondence from Marching Order, email

When is the deadline to submit my information for the graduation slide?

The deadline to complete your slide is May 19 at 11:59 pm ET.

When can I expect my diploma?

Graduates can expect individual diplomas in the mail between July and August.

I have not received any information from Marching Order. Is there anything else I need to do?

Depending on when you submitted the graduation application, you may not have received an initial email from Marching Order or your commencement gift in the mail. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding. We are actively working to provide this information to all students who are eligible for graduation.

If we received this information after Monday, May 18, you will not be able to upload your personal information to Marching Order, but we encourage you to participate in the virtual graduation ceremony by viewing the prerecorded speeches, videos and graduate slides. If you have any questions or to confirm your eligibility for graduation, please email

I moved recently and just updated my address on the school website. Can you tell me which address my gift box was sent to?

Please email to confirm which address your gift box was sent to.

I received a blank diploma cover. When will I receive my diploma?

Diplomas are mailed once the registrar's office has verified all course work was satisfied, approximately 6-8 weeks after the semester ends.The Office of Enrollment Services is responsible for clearing you for graduation. Once you are cleared, your degree will be awarded and your diploma will be ordered and sent.

I am completing my degree over the summer. Am I still eligible to participate in commencement?

Students who need eight or fewer credits to complete their degree in the summer are included on the commencement graduation list. Diplomas are mailed once the registrar’s office has verified all course work was satisfied approximately 6-8 weeks after the semester ends. Students who complete their program in the summer will be awarded in August and receive their diploma 6-8 weeks after the semester ends.

I achieved honors. When will I receive my honor cord?

Due to the college being closed, we are unable to access the honor cords at this time. Once the college is open again, our team will work to get honor cords mailed to all graduates who achieved a GPA between a 3.25 and a 4.0. We will provide updates as they are available.

My commencement gift box did not contain a tassel. What should I do?

All commencement gift boxes should contain a cap, tassel, diploma cover, and several CCRI-branded keepsakes. Items may have shifted during mailing. The tassel may be mixed in with the green and white packing material. Please check the entire box for the items. If the tassel, or any item, is still missing, please contact and we will mail you a new item.