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Computer Support Technician Certificate (CSTC)

Computer Support Technician

Knight Campus, Warwick only

Computers continue to expand in all aspects of our personal activities to business, manufacturing, education and health care. This program provides a balanced coverage of technology fundamentals, computer hardware, computer software and basic networking technology. Emphasis is placed on operating principles of hardware and software, operating systems, and industry standards along with hands-on laboratory activities for developing practical problem-solving skills. Students develop the ability to configure and troubleshoot basic PCs and basic information technology. Integrated into the program are courses that prepare students to sit for the CompTIA A+.

Note: Students in this program must earn a grade of at least C in all computer course requirements and must maintain a 2.0 GPA. Many courses require prerequisites, corequisites and/or testing. See course descriptions for details.


Semester 1: CNVT 1000; COMI 1800; COMI 2031
Semester 2: CNVT 1010; COMI 1840; COMI 2036

Certificate Requirements
CNVT 1000 Computer Repair A+ Hardware   3
CNVT 1010 Computer Repair A+ Software   3
COMI 1800 Computer Networking Software Linux   3
COMI 1840 Microsoft Windows Server   3
COMI 2031 Computer Support: Concepts  This course is offered in the Fall semester only. 3
COMI 2036 Introduction to Computer Ethics   3

Total Certificate Requirements Credits 18

Total Program Credits 18

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