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Gerontology Concentration (GERN)

Certificate in Human Services (CERT_HMNS)

The certificate in Gerontology is for students who may be currently employed or interested in working with the aging or elderly populations. The program introduces students to the profession of Human Services with a focus in Gerontology. The Gerontology Certificate is designed to assist students in learning and improving skill sets in geriatric care services and developing an awareness of multidisciplinary supports necessary to care for aging and elderly individuals. Courses are offered days and evenings

Note: All courses must be completed with a grade of C or better. Many courses require prerequisites, corequisites and/or testing. See course descriptions for details.


Certificate Requirements
HMNS 1010 Introduction to Helping and Human Services   3
HMNS 2200 Assessment Interviewing for Treatment Planning   3
HMNS 1090 Foundations of Gerontology and Elder Care   3
HMNS 2515 Major Health Issues for the Elderly: Implications for Human Services   3
HMNS 2590 Service Practicum in Gerontology   3
HMNS 2520 Social and Psychosocial Characteristics of Aging   3
Sorry course data for "HMNS2560" is not found. Please verify if correct.
HMNS Elective   Choose one of the following 3 credit courses HMNS 2530 - Legal and Financial Literacy: Human Service Resources HMNS 2540 - Human Services Advocacy for Aging and Elderly. 3

Total Certificate Requirements Credits 21

Total Program Credits 21

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