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Cybersecurity Degree (CYBR)

Associate in Science Degree in Computer Studies and Information Processing (AS_COMI)

Available on all four campuses; daytime, evening or online.

The Cybersecurity program is designed to provide students with a strong foundation in the principles and methods of cybersecurity, as well as the fundamental knowledge and tools for applying security measures across a variety of network architectures and settings. In addition to serving as a strong foundation for pursuing a bachelor's degree in cybersecurity, this associate degree program will provide the educational background and hands-on training necessary to prepare students for entry in the cybersecurity sector. The curriculum includes a combination of general education, computer science and network technology courses to provide students with the knowledge, skills and training necessary for successful transition into a career in security, and to meet NSA and Centers of Academic Excellence core foundational content and standards.

Note: Students must earn a grade of at least C in all computer course requirements and must maintain a 2.0 GPA. Many courses require prerequisites, corequisites and/or testing. See course descriptions for details.


General Education Requirements
ENGL 1010 Composition I   3
MATH 1200 College Algebra   3
MATH 2110 College Trigonometry   3
MATH 1139 Mathematics for Liberal Arts Students   3
Social Science Elective   See this page for complete list of courses that fulfill the HUMN, MSCI or SSCI attribute. 6
Humanities Elective   See this page for complete list of courses that fulfill the SSCI attribute. 3

Total General Education Requirements Credits 21

For students pursuing the Cybersecurity Defense Path, course requirements are: COMI 1150, COMI 2036, COMP 1200, CNVT 1810, CNVT 1820, CNVT 2200.

Major Requirements
COMI 1150 Programming Concepts   3
COMP 1200 Database Design & Management   3
COMI 2035 Introduction to Computer Forensics   3
COMI 2036 Introduction to Computer Ethics   3
COMI 2037 Introduction to Cybersecurity   3
COMI 1800 Computer Networking Software Linux   3
CNVT 1810 Networking Technology   3
CNVT 1820 Intermediate Networking   3
CNVT 1830 LAN Design and Management   3
CNVT 2200 Network Security Hardware   4
CYBR 1100 Introductory Cyber Range Tools and Techniques   3
COMP 2500 Cybersecurity Practicum/Capstone Course COMP 2500 requires instructor permission 3
Programming Language Elective   Take three credits from programming attribute PROG. See this page.

Total Major Requirements Credits 40

Total Program Credits 61

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